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About Afrocarib

Welcome to Afrocarib … Your African & Caribbean Shop Online. We aim to be the number one stop point for all your African and Caribbean foods and products. You can also get ladies, gentlemen and children hair and beauty products as well as rare unique 'new products' on your African store online. That is not all. We also stock a variety of African products and items of general nature you would find useful.

We stock Afro Caribbean groceries and gourmet like yam, cassava, plantain, palm oil, gari, okra, pounded yam, bitter leaf, egusi, ogbono maggi cube, stockfish, elubo, banga (palm nut fruit) soup sauce, shitto sauce, ga kenkey, biltong, banku mix, hausa koku, rice, beans, cocoyam flour, to mention a few.

NOTICE - Because of Covid 19, stock for some product are not available and prices have change for some products. Prices on the website still reflect the original price but will have to confirm with you the price difference before dispatching your order. We aim to dispatched order within 6days of receiving it. If you have any questions, kindly Contact us.
Ga Kenkey
Visit our cooking supplies, electronic, shoes, tableware and wine shop. We have teamed up with some of the top UK High Street brands to bring you products for your kitchen and more, with the added advantage of being able to compare prices across different brands for an item at the same time, saving you time and money.

Your African Store Online is more than just the average online shop. We also bring you top tips on vital issues like money saving tips for every day shopping, weight loss diets, and African recipes for your enjoyment. We hope you find your shopping experience here an exciting one. Happy shopping!

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